November 2017 Colorado Springs Real Estate Statistics

The cycle of home sales in the Pikes Peak Region is high in the summer, tapering off in winter. This November that trend continues, but numbers are still well above last year’s. Here are some of the numbers. You can read more by clicking here:

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5 Property Management Tasks we Take Seriously

Here are 5 property management tasks that we take seriously. These tasks help avoid unnecessary expenses and improve the cash-flow in your Colorado Springs investment property. If you need help managing your Colorado Springs rental home, call All County today at: (719) 445-7172. We’ve got your back!

Attending to Property Repairs

As landlord, you hope tenants will look after your property and keep it in good condition. But wear and tear does happen over time, especially if you’ve invested in an older property.

When repairs aren’t attended to early, further damage inevitably occurs, creating frustrated tenants and a bigger bill. After all, it’s significantly cheaper to do a regular furnace inspection than it is to replace the furnace and pay for damage caused by pipes freezing.

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