October 2018 Colorado Springs Real Estate Statistics

October 2018 Colorado Springs Real Estate Statistics, Copyright Pikes Peak REALTOR® Services Corp.

The Seller’s Market trend of the past few years is definitely cooling off. Year-over-year homes sales are still dropping. The Days on Market has extended to a bit over a month, 31 days. Although a buyer’s market is emerging, the PPAR market still needs more family-priced residential homes to rent. If you have a home to rent, are interested in renting out your home, call us today at (719) 445-7172 Here are some of the numbers in the PPAR region for October 2018. You can read more by clicking here: https://ppar.com/MarketTrends.aspx

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How a Military Family can Rent Their Home Fast

Imagine this scenario. You’re stationed in Colorado Springs. You buy a home for your family because you love it here. But now you have ordered and must move. You don’t have time to sell your home, or the real estate market just isn’t right for you to make money right now. A friend mentions you could rent out your home while you’re gone, and even make a little money. Here’s how a military family can rent their home fast.

When you start to think about the whole process of renting, you might just throw up your hands and give up. It can seem too complicated to get to know about renting well enough to be able to set things in motion before you leave. Thankfully, we have some answers! Our property management company is owned by Colonel Scott Glascock, who understands the military family.

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