August Colorado Springs NARPM Chapter Meeting

August Colorado Springs NARPM Chapter Meeting

August Colorado Springs NARPM Chapter Meeting: As a company, we know that the better property managers we are, the better we can serve our owners and residents. One of the ways we accomplish that is by keeping our NARPM (National Association of Residential Property Managers) membership current, and staying active in the organization.

Scott has been a NARPM president in the past, and we attend the monthly meetings as part of our membership.

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Met with Vendors

At our monthly NARPM C/S Chapter meeting, we met with vendors to ensure we hire only top notch service help to work on our properties. 

August Colorado Springs NARPM Chapter Meeting
Met with Vendors

Networked with Others in the Industry

The meeting is a good place to exchange ideas and concepts with other Colorado Springs property managers. Our bookkeeper Jim Rickman CRMB met with other bookkeepers to discuss best practices.

August Colorado Springs NARPM Chapter Meeting
Networked with Others in the Industry

Got Current on Property Management Landlord Law

Each month has a topic centered around issues in the Colorado PM industry, and more specifically in Colorado Springs. Classes are taught by experts. 

August Colorado Springs NARPM Chapter Meeting
Got Current on Property Management Landlord Law

Received Important Training

New PM laws have recently passed in the State Capitol. All County® believes training is essential in order to ensure we are up on all new legislation and other polices.

August Colorado Springs NARPM Chapter Meeting
Received Important Training

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Happy Tenants mean Higher Profits

Happy Tenants means Higher Profits

Most people get into real estate for profit.

Want good ROI (Return on Investment) from your residential investment properties? Keeping your units rented is one of the most important parts of getting that return. But keeping your property rented can be difficult, and take loads of time and effort. If you hire a property manager, how much will it cost? Believe it or not, good property management can help make your investment more profitable than if you ran it yourself. Here are a few tips about how happy tenants means higher profits.

Selecting Tenants

You want stable renters in your properties. You want tenants who will pay their bills and take care of the property. Therefore, tenant screening is very important. However, doing this by yourself can be burdensome. Property management companies have processes to screen tenants thoroughly, to make sure you get the most stable renters. All County® uses one of the most thorough screening companies on the market to get an extremely detailed background and screening report for every applicant. This will keep your vacancy numbers low.

Changing Tenants

Your tenant turns in their intention to move. What do you do now? We require a 30-day notice before a tenant leaves, and show your property while they’re still in residence. All County® takes care of the lease renewal and makes sure you always have a quality tenant.

Keeping Tenants

Studies have shown that tenants will stay at a property longer if it is well maintained and their maintenance requests are taken care of quickly. All County® performs regular inspections of the property to ensure proper upkeep. We have a maintenance portal including an emergency line that rings through to our phones, assuring punctual help for tenants. Our vendors provide us with great service at the lowest possible prices. Happy tenants are stable tenants. This will please your tenants, and happy tenants means higher profits.

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You have Colorado Springs investment property, and you want it to be profitable. To make profit, you need low vacancy, and that means happy tenants. Tenants want a well-maintained home.

All County® Colorado Springs can do it all for you, so you have time to expand your business. Visit: for more information on how we can help you find and keep the very best tenants.

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July 2019 Local Market Real Estate Statistics

July 2019 Local Market Statistics

July 2019 Colorado Springs Real Estate Statistics

July 2019 Local Market Statistics: What does the real estate market in July tell us about rental homes? With home prices skyrocketing in the Colorado Springs metro area, more people are having trouble affording to buy a new home. The PPAR market needs an influx of homes to rent. If you have investment property you’d like to rent, call us today at (719) 445-7172 Here are some of the numbers in the PPAR region for July. You can read more by clicking here:

Total Residential Sales: 1,661

This number is up 4.4% from last year, and is actually a new record for homes sold in July!

Total Active Listings: 2,199

This is down 7.1% from July of 2018.

Median Price of Home: $332,000

Still rising, up 7.8% from last year at this time, when it was $310,000. As home prices rise, the market needs more rental homes.

Average Days on Market: 23

Essentially the same as last year when it was 22 days, showing a stable market.


What do the July 2019 Local Market Statistics tell us about rental homes? Home prices are rising fast. There are just not enough homes in the price range most people want in the PPAR region.

It’s a great time to have a Colorado Springs investment home, and a great time to rent a home in Colorado Springs! Check out our available rentals at:

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