Can you trust your property manager?

Can you Trust your Property Manager?

If you trust your property manager, you’re set. You know that he will take care of your property, so it retains it’s value. You know you’ll have tenants paying you, and those tenants are good people. You know you can access your account at any time to check on your investment. But how do you know if you can trust your property manager?

Choose a member of NARPM®

The answer is easy. Choose someone who is a member of NARPM® (the National Association of Residential Property Managers). 

A NARPM® member stands apart from other property managers and landlords, because to earn a NARPM® designation, a property manager has to pass rigorous requirements. They have all the things you want: training, experience, recommendations, community responsibility, and continuing education. They must continue to accrue requirements in order to move up the NARPM® ladder to become fully certified.

Some of the things NARPM® property managers have are:

  • Access to numerous educational opportunities.
  • Knowledge of pending legislation that could affect your investment.
  • Knowledge of rent values and vacancy factors for your area.
  • Expertise in creating rental applications, with consistent tenant screening policies to meet legal obligations.
  • Expertise in performing thorough move-in and move-out property evaluations.
  • Relationships with reputable painters, electricians, roofers, chimney cleaners, carpenters, landscapers, furnace and appliance repairmen, and other maintenance professionals. (We call them vendors.)
  • Effective negotiation techniques with tenants, so they can handle difficult issues and enforce rental agreements.
  • The ability to recover NSF checks, evict tenants, and collect bad debts.

All County® Colorado Springs is a member of NARPM®

All County® Colorado Springs has 20 years serving the Pikes Peak region. Our president has the highest designation a property manager can reach, the MPM®. (Master Property Manager), which takes years and experience to earn. Here is a list of our employees with NARPM® designations.

All County® Colorado Springs NARPM® Designations
All County® Colorado Springs NARPM® Designations

Links to find out more about NARPM®

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September 2019 Local Real Estate Stats Colorado Springs

September 2019 Local Real Estate Stats Colorado Springs

September 2019 Local Real Estate Stats Colorado Springs: What does the real estate market in September tell us about rental homes? Home prices are still rising and there are less active listings in the Colorado Springs metro area. This means more people are having trouble affording to buy a new home, and the PPAR market needs more rental homes. If you have investment property you’d like to rent, call us today at (719) 445-7172 Here are some of the numbers in the PPAR region for September. You can read more by clicking here:

Total Residential Sales: 1,394

This number is up 6.3% from last year, pretty much staying the same.

Total Active Listings: 2,087

This is down 14.7% from September of 2018.

Median Price of Home: $325,500

Still rising, up 6.5% from last year at this time, but down a bit from last month.

Average Days on Market: 27

Down 3.8% from last year. One of the statistics you want to be down, so this is good news for the market.


Home prices are still rising. The PPAR region still needs more rental homes so that people who can’t afford to buy but still want a nice home for their family can find a rental.

What do the September 2019 local real estate stats for Colorado Springs tell us about rental homes? It’s a great time to have a Colorado Springs investment home, and a great time to rent a home in Colorado Springs! Check out our available rentals at:

Call us today at: (719) 445-7172 for more information about renting out your home in Colorado Springs. We handle single-family rental homes, as well multiple family dwellings.

All County® is here for you!

10 Steps to Prepare your Rental Property for Cold Weather

10 Steps to Prepare your Rental Property for Cold Weather

It’s fall, and we can look forward to turning leaves, trick-or-treating, and football weather. But a long with the good comes the work, especially if you own a rental property.  If you don’t have a good property manager working for you, it’s important to inspect your rental property before cold weather comes. If things are not prepared, damage and safety issues can cause you and your tenant problems. Safety issues can endanger your tenant’s health, as well. Make sure you take at least the following 10 Steps to prepare your rental property for cold weather before the 1st freeze hits your neighborhood.

1. Gutters

Clean out rain gutters before fall leaves are frozen in place. Consider adding a gutter guard to make future cleanings easier. While up there cleaning, check for leaks and cracks, and repair them.

2. Roof

Ice can form in branches and leaves, so make sure to clear them all from your roof. Check for missing shingles or any damage that could cause leaks. You might want to schedule a professional inspection.

Eyeball any trees overhanging your roof, and cut them back. One good ice storm can bring a tree down on your roof.

3. Landscaping

Clear walkways, driveways, and porches of leaves and debris. Trim trees and branches. Cover or store outside furniture. Clean up after pets to eliminate under-snow surprises!

4. Windows and Doors

Remove all window air conditioning units and make sure all windows are closed and locked with a tight seal. Visually inspect all windows and door frames – if there are any air leaks, caulking, weather-stripping or replacement may be required.

5. Heater

Have the heater properly inspected and cleaned. Change the filter.

6. Perimeter

Ensure siding is stable and secure. Animal-proof your rental property by checking for cracks or holes and covering entry points.

Take some time to inspect any concrete on your property like driveways and walkways. Fill cracks before water seeps in, freezes, and widens them.

7. Exterior Piping

Turn off outdoor faucets and drain pipes. Detach garden hoses. Insulate any faucets that may freeze.

8. Chimney

Inspect fireplaces, chimneys, flues and vents. Have a professional come clean and inspect the chimney for signs of obstruction or hazard prior to the season’s first use.

9. Safety Inspection

Test smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

10. Property Manager

If you find fall preparation a bit overwhelming, consider hiring a property manager. A good property manager will make sure your rental is ready for fall. Call All County® today to see how we can help you with the 10 Steps to Prepare your Rental Property for Cold Weather.