5 Easy Ways to Impress Prospective Tenants

December 7, 2018
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Face it. If you are looking for a rental home for your family, whether short or long term, you want a clean comfortable place to call home. Think about what you would want for your family, and then make sure your rental home reflects those qualities.

Do what your prospective renter would do. Pull up to the house and look at what your renters will see. How does you home look from the curb? Then walk through the property as if you are considering renting it, and be honest with yourself. What needs cleaning? What needs updating? Then go to work.

1. The Front Yard

This is not only the first impression of your property, it is the image that will be marketed on social media and real estate websites, and any print media you choose to use. If you don’t spend a lot of time cleaning anywhere else, make sure the curb appeal is pristine!

2. The Kitchen

Much of a family’s life takes place in the kitchen, so an updated kitchen can be the biggest selling point (or renting point) of a home.

Of course the kitchen should be free of clutter and very clean. For a cleaning checklist, check out our (cleaning guide at:) But updating here will go the furthest for your property value. Painting cabinets and installing new countertops can make a rental home seem like new.

3. Bathroom

Ask yourself—would you want to spend time in this bathroom? Would you let your child linger in the tub, or sit on the floor?

If no, then how can you update the bathroom to make it more inviting?

Again, a good coat of paint can go a long way. Then make sure everything is scrubbed shiny.

For staging, add fluffy rugs and towels to make the space cozy.

4. Bedrooms

What do you look for in a bedroom? Most people want enough room for their furniture, and closets that will give them space for their clothing. Clean carpets, walls, and windows are also important.

Cleaning the carpets is a given, but think about new carpet if worn or stained.

Instead of having one rod in the closet, rebuilding the interior with specialized space-savers can impress a potential tenant.

Clean curtains, blinds, and windows, and make sure there is plenty of light for the showing. Add a plugin scent to complete the picture of a relaxing space.

5. Home Temperature

Most home have heating systems already, but do you have air conditioning in your rental home? If not, consider adding it, or have window units tucked away for tenants to use. If you offer window units, make sure you have any necessary window inserts needed to install them properly without causing damage to your property.

If you show your home when it’s hot outside, have the air conditioning running before the showing.

Also, a good check on the heater can save you problems once the home is rented. Get the heater in good shape for renting.


Make your rental home somewhere you would like to live. Then prospective tenants will want to rent there, and your renters will be happier. Updating is something all homes need, so why not get it down before you try and rent?

Then repeat this process between every tenant. Your property and your tenants will appreciate it!

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