5 ways to maximize your investment property profits

March 3, 2021
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Real estate investments are about one thing. Profit. And to get strong returns on that investment, you need strong management. Keeping your properties rented and maintained can be complicated. You also want your property to be priced right, and to have a lease that will protect you. Hiring a good property management company can be the best thing you can do to increase your rental income. Here are 5 ways to maximize your investment property profits.

1. Maximizing the rent

You want to be informed of property values changes so the rent can be adjusted. In Colorado, home values have been rising steadily for years. It’s important to watch the real estate market to be able to adjust the rent accordingly. Want to stay up on the real estate market yourself? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

2. Collecting your rent on time

To make money, you must collect the rent on time too over your own expenses. The more pay options you offer your tenants, the more likely they will pay on time. All County® offers a convenient tenant portal on our website to make paying the rent easy for residents. If a tenant doesn’t know about these options, they can’t use them, so we focus on tenant education. Click here to see one of our tenant educational videos, Paying Your Rent. Then if the tenant doesn’t pay on time, make sure your lease lays down how late payments and collection procedures are handled, so you can recover late rent without a problem. Click here to read our blog about Collecting your rent on time.

3. Keeping your property rented

You won’t make any money if your rental property has no tenants, and it’s just as important to keep quality tenants in your property. A good tenant screening process assures that stable renters are in your properties, so they’re less likely to walk away, cause damage, or not pay their bills. When the tenants decide to leave, you want a smooth transition. Make sure the tenant gives plenty of notice before they vacate, and market the residence while they’re still there. You want to make sure that a new tenant can move in immediately, lowering vacancy time.

4. Maintaining your property’s value

Keeping your investment property in good repair is a no-brainer. To accomplish this, you must focus on preventative maintenance. Make sure there’s an easy way for your residents to let you know about maintenance requests. Make it easy to submit a maintenance request, and your tenants will keep your property in shape. The All County® resident portal allows your tenants to submit maintenance requests from the website. They can do it right from their mobile device! The sooner the issue is known, the sooner it can be fixed, and your tenants stay happy.

You must also make sure seasonal maintenance is done. All County® sends out approved vendors we’re sure of, and then the tenants are surveyed to find out how they rate the work. This helps us know how the vendors are doing, and if your property is being kept up to your standards.

5. Keeping everything legal

A good lease is essential to successful property management.  It protects you from unwanted lawsuits, maintenance expenses you’re not responsible for, and broken leases. When all else fails, you want access to legal experts to keep you out of the courtroom. All County® has relationships with attorneys and experts we trust.


You want your Colorado investment properties to be profitable. It’s a job that takes time and expertise. If you on landlord responsibilities yourself, you won’t have the time you need to develop new properties. By hiring a property management company like All County®, you will maximize your profit and be able to use your time to increase your portfolio. Call us today for a free estimate, and to learn more about 5 ways to maximize your investment property profits! We’re waiting for your call. (719) 445-7172.

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