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November 17, 2017
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The association that property managers join, that establishes standards for the industry, is called The National Association of Property Managers (NARPM). This year, our very own Scott Glascock is the local chapter president, so you know that when you work with All-County, you’re getting the very best in the industry.

Courtney Brewner receives her CSS® Designation

At our last chapter meeting, Courtney received the CSS® Designation she earned by fulfilling a rigorous set of requirements that take time and skill to achieve. We work hard to make sure that our employees are always working on improving their designations, so we are skilled and up-to-date in the Property Management field.

What is the CSS® Designation?

CSS stands for Certified Support Staff. These are individuals who are actively engaged in supporting the company’s property managers, the staff members who want to contribute to the well-being of All-County. They do this by studying property management and getting to know the field better. The certification shows that the employee is serious about the profession.

How does someone get the CSS® Designation?

The employee seeking the designation must take classes, do the job for a certain amount of time, and join other members of the company in volunteering in the community.

Why go through the trouble?

All County wants all of our employees to be dedicated to both property management and our Colorado Springs community. We encourage all of our employees to reach the highest designations possible in our field. We believe this is a way to set ourselves apart from the competition and serve our community the best way possible.

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