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September 4, 2020
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Are Pets Allowed?

One of the first things many applicants want to know when applying for a rental property is what the All-County Colorado Springs pet policy is like. Can they have pets? If so, what kind, and how many? What are the requirements?

Owners Decide

Whether or not a pet is allowed in a certain rental home is first set by the owner of that home. The owner decides if pets are allowed and if so, under what circumstances. So if you are interested in one of our homes, check the pet policy for the home carefully. If pets aren’t allowed, check out a different home. Each home will have different rules according to what pets are allowed, however, no attack-trained dogs or vicious breeds are permitted in any home.

Pet Application

Once you find a home you’ll like to rent that has a pet policy that is right for you, you must fill out a pet application. This is done through a professional company, PetScreening.

Petscreening application
Petscreening application

This will send your pet application to All County, but it will also register your pet with all of the service providers in your area, including: landlords, property managers, veterinarians, animal hospitals, pet sitters, doggie daycares, and groomers. Profile information includes: photos, vaccinations, microchip, training, behavioral and special sections for assistance animals. This can be a good tool for your use whether or not you use it with All County.

Go to: to fill out your application.

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Submit Your Rental Application and Deposit

That’s all here is to it! Once you submit your rental application and deposit, all your pet’s information is brought along with you after your pet is registered on PetScreening. You’re ready to go!

Upon move-out, you will be required to have all carpets cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning company with a truck mounted system, with their additional “pet treatment”. All County’s pet policy is easy, and will allow all family members to enjoy renting our homes, even the furry ones!

For Owners

If you are an owner, it is up to you whether you allow pets on your property (unless it is a legal service animal). We have found from long experience that allowing pets on your property will rent it more quickly, leading to higher profits for you. But since animals can be destructive, we leave this up to you.

Another option for owners is to allow dogs under a certain weight. You can specify only dogs under 50 pounds, for instance. Or you can decide to only allow cats. It’s up to you! allows renters to register their pets online. That way, we have a complete database of which animals are allowed on the property. We know their breed, and whether they are support animals. It is a good program, and keeps all the records necessary should anything issues arise.

If you have more questions on the All County® Colorado Springs, CRMC pet policy, you can call us anytime at: (719) 445-7172, or email us at: We are on your side!

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