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March 5, 2021
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with special guest author Doug Harling, Fountain’s Bird Whisperer

Blue Jay, photo by Doug Harling
Blue Jay, photo by Doug Harling

Backyard birding is one of the world’s favorite hobbies, second only to backyard gardening. The two go hand-in-hand, and can be practiced by nearly everyone. From suburban gardens to apartment balconies, birds can be enjoyed year round with a little preparation and consistency.


Provide store-bought seeds and fruits. Encourage the growth of plants that provide berries, insects, and pollen.

Mountain Chickadee, photo by Doug Harling
Mountain Chickadee, photo by Doug Harling


This can easily be overlooked, but is the most important thing for birds in our dry climate. Fill bird baths or dog bowls with fresh water where they can get at it easily, and heat it in the winter. Simple birdbath heaters are available online or at your local garden store. Heated dog bowls will also work. To have birds that stay in your yard year round, make sure they are comfortable in winter.


Birds need cover in every season to protect them from weather extremes. Evergreens are ideal, because they don’t lose their leaves in winter. Don’t cut back those old shrubs until spring.

Place to raise young

Trees, shrubs, and nesting boxes will provide safety for growing families. Young birds need a different kind of habitat than adult birds.

Sharp-Shinned Hawk, photo by Doug Harling
Sharp-Shinned Hawk, photo by Doug Harling

Sustainable Practices

How you manage your garden can be the difference between a few birds stopping by your yard or many birds making your yard their home. To have a summer habitat full of birds, maintain a good winter habitat. With winters so cold here, many people who love their backyard birds just kind of forget about them when winter sets in.
Not all birds migrate. Plus, our area is the migration destination for some northern species. By keeping heated water in your yard in the winter, places to take cover, and plentiful food all winter long, birds will feel comfortable making your backyard their home in the spring and summer months. Consistency is the key.

Dark-eyed Junco, photo by Doug Harling
Dark-eyed Junco, photo by Doug Harling

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About Doug Harling, our guest author

Doug Harling, Photojournalist in Fountain, ColoradoDoug is a photojournalist for the Fountain Valley News. He teaches classes and conducts tours for budding photographers and birdwatchers. His personal favorite subjects are raptors. His residential property in Fountain, CO, has been denoted as a Certified Wildlife Habitat by The National Wildlife Federation.

You can read more from Doug and see his photos by visiting him on Facebook. (Just search for Doug Harling.) He’s happy to answer your questions by email at:

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