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April 2020 Colorado Springs real estate statistics

April 2020 Colorado Springs real estate statistics: The results from the COVID-19 restrictions are starting to affect the local real estate results. The number of new listing is down 24% and sold listings is down 7.7%, showing the agents could not work at full capacity. The Days on Market is down a whopping 35.5% because people snatched up homes while they still could, fearing what might happen in the market.

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Al County® Colorado Springs property management COVID 19 Announcement to Residents

COVID 19 Announcement to Residents

COVID 19 Announcement to Residents: during these difficult times, All County® will continue to operate as we have in the past.  We are taking the COVID-19 issues one day at a time. We understand just like everyone the challenges of the situation, and are doing our best to keep up with all of the constant flow of information.

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February 2020 Colorado Springs PPAR Real Estate Statistics

February 2020 Colorado Springs Real Estate Statistics

February 2020 Colorado Springs Real Estate Statistics: The median sales price in February broke a record in the Colorado Springs PPAR. With a median of $341,000, this is up almost $30,000 from February 2019, a huge jump. Home inventory is still at a record lows. Full employment and low interest rates are continuing a strong seller’s market.

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5 Ways to to maximize your investment property profits

*without a lot of work

Real estate investments are about one thing. Profit. And to get strong returns on that investment, you need strong management. Keeping your properties rented and maintained can be complicated. You also want your property to be priced right, and to have a lease that will protect you. Hiring a good property management company can be the best thing you can do to increase your rental income. Here are 5 ways to maximize your investment property profits.

1. Maximizing the rent

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How to Have Good Tenant Communication

How to Have Good Tenant Communication: To be successful as a landlord, you need good communication with your tenants. Even if you take the time to select responsible tenants, constant communication is important. They will have maintenance issues, and possibly even maintenance emergencies. They will have life changes that also require lease changes, like marriage or getting a pet. If your tenant is redeployed or dies, you’ll need to replace your tenants sooner than you expected. Continue reading →

One Week for a Property Manager
Every week, the folks at All County® work hard for our owners and residents. Emergency phone calls come in at all hours. We receive requests for maintenance, schedule the jobs, and check up on the repairs. We rent new properties and advertise the properties we have. Here are some of the things that happen in one week for a property manager. Continue reading →