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July 2022 Colorado Springs Real Estate Stats
July 2022 Colorado Springs real estate statistics: Increase in inventory has defined our local real estate market over the last year, and it hasn’t slowed down. July’s median home price is 11% higher than last July. There are no signs of a housing market crash in Colorado Springs, but a shift is happening. Even with interest rates rising, housing prices are increasing in the Pikes Peak region. The home inventory is finally enough to meet the demand for single-family homes in Colorado Springs, a relief to buyers.
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June 2022 Colorado Springs Real Estate Stats
June 2022 Colorado Springs real estate statistics: The most significant statistic is the increase in inventory. This is the first month we are seeing over 2,000 homes for sale since the start of the pandemic, a relief to our market’s buyers. It is important to note that this inventory level is similar to the levels in 2019 & 2019, so the PPAR market is getting back to normal levels.
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Episode 1: Two kids and a home collide

We’ve seen it all. We’re property management experts.


Two teenagers out late were moving over 100 mph. They hit a grassy knoll and went airborne for 75 yards. Their car hit 3 houses, a cement wall, and caused severe damage to 7 automobiles. We managed the house above, and were on the scene immediately. We secured the premises and worked with Fire, Red Cross, and the owner’s insurance company to fix the house good as new and find temporary housing for the tenants. Here is our story of what we did when two kids and a home collide.

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5 Tips for Spring Cleanup

5 tips for spring cleanup

By: Catherine M. of Colorado Springs Utilities

As winter draws to a close, your landscape is beginning to wake up. Even though your plants still look dormant, March and April are the best months to pull on your gardening gloves and start tackling several yard care tasks. If you do these 5 tips for spring cleanup things in the next month, your efforts will pay off all summer. Continue reading →

February 2022 Colorado Springs Real Estate Statistics
March 2022 Colorado Springs real estate statistics: Last month set records for Pikes Peak area real estate. 1,361 homes were sold, the most for March, ever. The median and average prices also broke previous records. Average price increased to $539,555. Median price increased to $475,000. For 2022, we’re expecting more homes on the market and a price appreciation to slow. Interest rates will rise this year, decreasing buying power for buyers.
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