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August 2020 Colorado Springs real estate statistics

August 2020 Colorado Springs real estate statistics: August 2020 didn’t beat July’s record sales, but came close. For the 2nd time, we had all-time high record sales of 1,771 homes, up 14.9% from last year. Continue reading →

Keys to Renting a Home Fast

Rental properties are at a premium right now, and they are going fast. So it can be frustrating for anyone looking for an affordable, clean rental in the area of a city where they want to move. And expensive. Prospects can spend $200 to $400 per person just on application fees. It can get frustrating, fast. So here are some keys to renting a home fast.

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5 Reasons All County® Should Manager your Property

by COL(R) Scott Glascock MPM® RMP®

5 Reasons All County Should Manage your Property: Managing your investment property yourself means a lot of work. From tenant screening to preparing lease documents, you’ll be busy. But don’t let the idea of all this work prevent you from investing in rental property and securing a good course of passive income. Instead, consider hiring a property management company. Here are 5 reasons All County should manage your investment property.
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April 2020 Colorado Springs real estate statistics

April 2020 Colorado Springs real estate statistics: The results from the COVID-19 restrictions are starting to affect the local real estate results. The number of new listing is down 24% and sold listings is down 7.7%, showing the agents could not work at full capacity. The Days on Market is down a whopping 35.5% because people snatched up homes while they still could, fearing what might happen in the market.

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