Episode 1: Two kids and a home collide

We’ve seen it all. We’re property management experts.


Two teenagers out late were moving over 100 mph. They hit a grassy knoll and went airborne for 75 yards. Their car hit 3 houses, a cement wall, and caused severe damage to 7 automobiles. We managed the house above, and were on the scene immediately. We secured the premises and worked with Fire, Red Cross, and the owner’s insurance company to fix the house good as new and find temporary housing for the tenants. Here is our story of what we did when two kids and a home collide.

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7 reasons why you should buy real estate

7 reasons why you should buy real estate:

Real estate is known as a stable and consistent investment. Housing is a basic need. Rental homes are always in demand, but with the low vacancy rates in Colorado Springs right now, rental properties are at a premium. You can count on your home being rented immediately and consistently if you are with a good property management company. Continue reading →

August 2021 Colorado Springs Real Estate Statistics
August 2021 Colorado Springs real estate statistics:

First month since August 2020 that over 1,000 active homes were for sale, only a 16-day supply of homes. Because there aren’t many homes to choose from, buyers are offering over asking price, and bidding wars continue. Homes sold for 2.7% above asking price in August. Double-digit price increases continue, with a median sold price of $450,000, up 18.4% from last year. The average price dropped just below the $500k threshold at $499,278, up 14.5%.

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5 Ways to to maximize your investment property profits

*without a lot of work

Real estate investments are about one thing. Profit. And to get strong returns on that investment, you need strong management. Keeping your properties rented and maintained can be complicated. You also want your property to be priced right, and to have a lease that will protect you. Hiring a good property management company can be the best thing you can do to increase your rental income. Here are 5 ways to maximize your investment property profits. Continue reading →