Episode 1: Two kids and a home collide

We’ve seen it all. We’re property management experts.


Two teenagers out late were moving over 100 mph. They hit a grassy knoll and went airborne for 75 yards. Their car hit 3 houses, a cement wall, and caused severe damage to 7 automobiles. We managed the house above, and were on the scene immediately. We secured the premises and worked with Fire, Red Cross, and the owner’s insurance company to fix the house good as new and find temporary housing for the tenants. Here is our story of what we did when two kids and a home collide.

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5 Tips for Spring Cleanup

5 tips for spring cleanup

By: Catherine M. of Colorado Springs Utilities

As winter draws to a close, your landscape is beginning to wake up. Even though your plants still look dormant, March and April are the best months to pull on your gardening gloves and start tackling several yard care tasks. If you do these 5 tips for spring cleanup things in the next month, your efforts will pay off all summer. Continue reading →

As property managers, we are out there in the real world dealing with all kinds of people, so we’ve all handled interesting situations. With one look at the Internet, you’ll see plenty of renting horror stories and funny memes. Ours is a heart-warming story about how the folks in our property management office came together to make the world just a little bit better.

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Backyard Birding in Colorado, with Doug Harling, Fountain's Bird Whisperer.

with special guest author Doug Harling, Fountain’s Bird Whisperer

Blue Jay, photo by Doug Harling
Blue Jay, photo by Doug Harling

Backyard birding is one of the world’s favorite hobbies, second only to backyard gardening. The two go hand-in-hand, and can be practiced by nearly everyone. From suburban gardens to apartment balconies, birds can be enjoyed year round with a little preparation and consistency.
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2 Organic Ways to Control Ants

Ants.  No matter where we live, we all combat these unwanted invaders.  Here at All County® Colorado Springs Property Management, we keep our properties safe from ants organically whenever we can, using home remedies. This not only keeps the environment safe, but protects our tenants’ children and pets. Here are 2 organic ways to control ants. Continue reading →