TOP 5 Property Management Mistakes

"Self-managed" rental properties often cause those in charge a lot of pain, and can cost you a LOT of money. Hire the professionals! Here are 5 mistakes made in property management.

1.You don’t have a professionally written property management agreement.
2.You don’t put the security deposit in a proper trust account.
3.You don’t make the tenant sign a move-in and move-out form.
4.You incorporate a lease-purchase agreement into the lease agreement.
5.You don’t collect the proper funds before tenants move in.

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As you can see (and feel), Winter is fast approaching! Please remember to have your sprinkler systems winterized and provide your property management company with a copy of the receipt!

Sprinkler freezes can be very costly to repair, and can cause major damage, so be sure to have this done before the first freeze.

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Happy Renting!