Finding Violet

August 30, 2021
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As property managers, we are out there in the real world dealing with all kinds of people, so we’ve all handled interesting situations. With one look at the Internet, you’ll see plenty of renting horror stories and funny memes. Ours is a heart-warming story about how the folks in our property management office came together to make the world just a little bit better.

One beautiful morning in May, Julie and Joe went out to a vacated property to do an assessment. As Joe opened the front door, a cat ran in between his legs straight to a food bowl that had had been left behind, now empty.
No one likes to think that a family would leave their pet behind. Especially without food or water, outside in the elements to fend for itself. But here was a young cat, practically still a kitten, right in front of Julie’s eyes. White and gray, fluffy and sweet, it purred and rubbed against her leg, happy to see someone had come home.
The corner store had cat supplies. Julie filled up the bowl, changed the litter, and closed the cat in the house. Leaving her there tugged on her heart, but she wanted to do some research to figure out the best way to care for the cat.

May is known as kitten season, so the shelters were full. The next day, Julie grabbed a carrier from home, packed up the cat, and took her into the office. One Facebook post later the cat had found a forever home.
Sue saw Julie’s post on Facebook and decided to help. She drove down from our Woodland Park office to claim the cat in our Colorado Springs office. The cat got a name: Violet.
The vet examined Violet, and found she was infected with coccidia, microscopic parasites living in the walls of her intestines. But the biggest surprise was that although Violet was only 7-months-old, she was pregnant.

On June 21st, Sue helped Violet bring her kittens into the world. She had 4 little ones, 2 girls and 2 boys. After a long delivery, Sue cared for them for two months before going into action again, this time to find homes for the kittens.

Another staff member, Michele, adopted a kitten. Sue decided to keep one, too, and found good homes for the two remaining kittens. So from Julie and Joe’s one visit to the vacated rental property, the office set on a 2-month-long journey that found homes for five cats. Thanks to Julie and Sue, everyone found a home.

Violet’s Kittens

All County® Colorado Springs, CRMC

Our staff really came together to help a young cat who got left behind, and then help her babies as well. This is not an isolated case; we really care about those we serve, even the furry members of the family. The people in our office and the other property managers we know in town all do the work to try and make everyone’s renting experience as happy as possible. With as much bad press as there is out there, we wanted to make sure to share this good story.

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