8 Fun Family Activities for a Halloween at Home

October 16, 2020

This year, we’re staying at home for Halloween. Let’s make the best of it! Here are some fun family activities to make this Halloween a holiday you’ll always remember.

1 – Family photo booth

Do your kids like to act, or paint? Set up interesting backgrounds and take turns snapping shots of funny family moments. Give a prize to the scariest, the funniest, and the most creative.

2 – Arts and crafts

Cut out bats, spiders, and ghosts. Decorate the house. There are many great ideas online like 3D ghosts, and eyeball slime.

3 – Spooky cooking

Spooky treats will feed the family. Search for Halloween cooking on Pinterest. My favorites are the Rice Krispy Treat Pumpkins, Mummy Dogs, and Orange Punch.

4 – Decorate a pumpkin

If you don’t want the knife and the wet mess, get out supplies and glue, paint, and sprinkle!

5 – Dress up your pets

Did you include the family dog in your photo booth? How about Mr. Kitty? Pull out the old clothes, hats, and scarves and see what you can make for Rover.

6 – Karaoke

There are karaoke video games and machines. But it’s just as fun to sing with the piano or guitar, or to a song on the computer. Record it on your tablet to have a memory to last.

7 – Watch Halloween stories

Gather the family together in candlelight to watch A Christmas Carol. You can choose the lighthearted muppets, or a serious Patrick Stewart. Modern Marvels has a Halloween Tech episode. Look around. There’s a lot to choose from.

8 – Make a family movie

With the family around the table, get those brain cells working. Jot down everyone’s ideas, and write a simple, short script. Then take turns shooting the scenes. Someone with a bit of tech skill can put the movie together, and you’ll have a special memory to cherish for years to come.

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