Garbage Disposal Tips and Tricks

November 2, 2015
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Garbage disposals are handy, but they sure can be a headache! Often times, however, they are an easy fix. Here are a few tips and tricks on keeping your garbage disposal clean and up and running!

1. Jammed Disposal
Probably the most common problem with garbage disposal is a jam or clog. Sometimes it is a foreign object such as silverware, or that action figure you may have missed a “tiny hand” slide down there. It happens! A quick way to check is to UNPLUG the device, never stick your hand down garbage disposal while it still has power. Grab a flashlight and take a look. Sometimes it could be actual food that is stuck in the blades.

2. Cleaning Your Disposal
Often times, wear and tear can prevent your garbage disposal from functioning properly. Grab a hand full of ice cubes, drop them down the drain, and let it rip! You will find that this trick helps remove any grime and foods stuck on the blades and may prevent clogs in the future.

3. Proper Usage
Some foods aren’t safe for your garbage disposal. Starchy foods or fibrous foods are especially known to clog garbage disposal. If you can scrape that food into the trash, it’s best that you do.

Avoid that pesky plumber bill and keep your garbage disposal functioning!

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