November 2017 Colorado Springs Real Estate Statistics

December 15, 2017
Real Estate Stats

The cycle of home sales in the Pikes Peak Region is high in the summer, tapering off in winter. This November that trend continues, but numbers are still well above last year’s. Here are some of the numbers. You can read more by clicking here:

Total Residential Sales: 1,255

This number is down 176 from last month, reflecting the usual drop in winter months. It is up 59 homes from November, 2016.

Total Homes for Sale: 1,646

Down 291 homes from last month, and down 246 homes from November of 2016.

Average Prices of Home: $317,368

Still rising, up $256 from last month. The rise from last November is much greater, up over $50,000 from November 2016..

Year-to-Date Volume (YTD): 15,133

The YTD volume is up by 5,027 homes from last year. This number has continued to rise since 2013.


Although sales have dropped off in recent months, residential home sales are still higher than previous years.

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