Preparing your Property for Colorado Winter

September 15, 2020
Property Maintenance , Renters

Fall is upon us, and it’s time to get your property ready for winter’s assault on your home and landscaping. Here are a few things that we encourage our tenants to do while preparing their property for the Colorado winter.

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Check roof, gutters, and downspouts

Clean the gutters of leaves and other debris, and make sure downspouts are not clogged. Clean leaves from the roof and check for damage.

Cut back overhanging branches

Cut back any tree branches that overhang the roof or power lines. Snow can knock them down.

Rake up leaves and sticks

Remove and properly dispose of leaves. This will prevent slipping hazards and will keep the neighbors happy.

Fertilize lawn

The grass is expanding its roots for the winter months. This is the best time to fertilize and reseed.

Check heating systems

Replace the filter in your furnace. Consider a checkup from a professional technician to avoid costly repairs. If necessary, clean your ducts.

Patch holes

Don’t want to provide winter housing for rodents? Use caulking or foam spray to fill holes in the basement, attic, and walls. Use screen and plywood to cover larger holes.

Drain exterior faucets and sprinkler systems

Make sure to turn off and drain all exterior faucets and sprinkler systems. Insulate external faucets to prevent freezing.

Prepare chimneys

Test your fireplace flue for a tight seal when it closes to prevent heat from escaping during the cold winter months. If you use your fireplace a lot, call a professional to inspect and clean your chimney to prevent dangerous chimney fires.

Check decks and railings

Fix loose boards and replace rotted decking. Pay special attention to wooden railings to prevent falls.

Check windows and doors

Change out summer screens to winter storm windows. Check weather stripping and caulking to keep moisture out and heat in.

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