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November 30, 2022
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Nebraska tenants leave gas line open

A managed home explodes during a routine inspection.

OMAHA, Nebraska – Story shared by Owner Jeremy Aspen, president of Certified Property Management of PM Company.

Home before explosion, property management experts
Home before explosion

Resident move-out is just as important as resident move-in. Communications must be strong at both stages.

The home right after the explosion
The home right after the explosion

In this case, a dryer line was not shut off properly during tenant move-out. Instead of dialing 911 or talking to someone in the office, the outgoing tenants smelled the gas and left voice messages at the office.

Debris on the property, property management experts
Debris on the property

We are unsure as to whether the property manager received the message or not. When she entered the property the next day to continue the move-out, the gas and air had mixed to a point where the atmosphere was explosive. The resulting explosion killed her, injured two others outside, and 17 other homes were damaged. The sound could be heard for miles.

Neighborhood map of damage, property management experts
Neighborhood map of damage

What did we learn from the episode? Multiple means of reporting life threatening conditions should always be readily available. The tenants need to be thoroughly informed on how to report any problems they may have. And everyone in the office needs training about how to handle emergency situations, like the smell of gas on a property.

At All County, our 24/7 emergency line makes reporting any issue easy. All County works hard to ensure every move-out is as thorough as the move-in.

If you want your property managed by property management experts who have seen it all, call All County® Colorado Springs, CRMC today at: (719) 445-7172.

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