December 2021 Colorado Springs Real Estate Statistics
December 2021 Colorado Springs real estate statistics: What does the real estate market in December tell us about rental homes? More rental homes are needed for all the folks who cannot buy homes because of the low inventory. If you have investment property you’d like to rent out, call us today at (719) 445-7172. This is the perfect time to rent your home!

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How to collect your rent on time
If you have investment properties and have rented them out, you know the problems that come from not being able to collect rent on time. You not only have to cover the mortgage payment yourself, you have to spend time to go about collecting the rent. This can be costly and irritating. Here’s how to collect your rent on time. Continue reading →
5 Reasons All County® Should Manager your Property

by COL(R) Scott Glascock MPM® RMP®

5 Reasons All County Should Manage your Property: Managing your investment property yourself means a lot of work. From tenant screening to preparing lease documents, you’ll be busy. But don’t let the idea of all this work prevent you from investing in rental property and securing a good course of passive income. Instead, consider hiring a property management company. Here are 5 reasons All County should manage your investment property.
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