The Importance of Renter’s Insurance

January 7, 2016
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Picture This: You just got home from a long day on the job. It’s a Friday and you’re ready to kick your feet up and enjoy a “cold one”.

You take your shoes off at the door, grab a drink, and head down to the basement to relax. Take one step off the stairs and “SLUSH!” Your basement is flooded. Not only is your sock wet, but so is your TV, your favorite couch, and that brand new ping-pong table you just bought for Christmas. NOW, WHAT?? Who’s responsible?

Incidences like this happen every day. Renting someone else’s property can be very intimidating, which is why renter’s insurance is available to give you extra peace of mind. More than likely, that homeowner’s property is going to be covered under his/her insurance policy. You as a tenant, however, would need your own insurance to cover your belongings.

Most policies for renters insurance are not very expensive…ranging anywhere from $10- $40+ a month depending on which company and policy you choose. Each one is different! As always, be sure to READ your policy and understand what you are paying for. Some policies only cover your belongings, others will home you if your rental ever becomes uninhabitable.

All County does not require our tenants to get renter’s insurance, but we highly suggest it! Check into your insurance policy today!

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