Two kids and a home collide

April 28, 2022
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Episode 1: Two kids and a home collide

We’ve seen it all. We’re property management experts.


Two teenagers out late were moving over 100 mph. They hit a grassy knoll and went airborne for 75 yards. Their car hit 3 houses, a cement wall, and caused severe damage to 7 automobiles. We managed the house above, and were on the scene immediately. We secured the premises and worked with Fire, Red Cross, and the owner’s insurance company to fix the house good as new and find temporary housing for the tenants. Here is our story of what we did when two kids and a home collide.

An emergency call came into our office

The police didn’t know how much over 100 miles per hour the two 18-year-olds were driving, but they hit a grassy knoll and their car jumped 50-75 yards, hitting three homes, a cement wall, and severely damaging seven automobiles. You can see their path by following the red arrow below.

Two kids and a home collide
Two kids in a speeding car jump the road

Amazingly, no one was injured. The homeowner’s insurance had just gone into effect four days earlier. We were all glad about that, too!

As you can see below, the car plowed through the garage and careened into a bedroom, not stopping until it hit the back wall. Thankfully, the tenant that usually slept in that bedroom had stayed at a friend’s house that night.

We've seen it all
Car came to rest against far wall in bedroom

We contacted all of the tenants to make sure they were okay. The property manager must have the capability to secure the property, so we worked with the Fire Department. They put up temporary supports to the structure. See the red arrows in the pictures below.

We are property management experts
Fire Department inserted poles to stabilize the structure


Two kids and a home collide
Wooden structure reinforces garage
Of course, we called the insurance company on the spot, and made sure that we documented everything and kept a roster of everyone on the scene. The Red Cross helped us get temporary housing for the tenants.If you want your property managed by someone who has seen it all, call All County® Colorado Springs, CRMC today. We are on your side!
Two kids and a home collide
Red lines outline the original doorway


Two kids and a home collide
We kept track of all the workers on scene
Two kids and a home collide
A lot of damage was done

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