Why You Should Use Your Tenant Portal

January 29, 2015
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The use of the online tenant portal is essential for a smooth tenancy at our properties here at All County. It is designed with the tenant’s convenience in mind! Each unit is assigned a unique Username and Password for log in. Once in your tenant portal, there are several capabilities this portal has to assist you as a tenant.

1) Rent Payment: Monthly rent is posted one week prior to the first of the month. At that time, each tenant can log in using their Username and Password, and make their payments. It is quick, easy, and extremely convenient for our tenants to have access to their rental payments via the tenant portal.

2) Vendor Bill Payment: Tenants also have the option to pay any vendor bills through the portal. Invoices are loaded so the tenant knows exactly what they are being charged from our vendors.

3) Maintenance Requests: This is very important! Tenants are required to request maintenance through their tenant portal for various reasons:

– Each request comes directly to our maintenance staff and is assigned appropriately.
– Once input, maintenance requests are visible and easy to track for the tenant. Tenants can see if their requests are still opened, closed, or a work in progress.
– The records never go away! It is an easy way for each tenant and our staff, to keep record of the requests input in the system.

The use of the Tenant Portal helps everyone involved! If you need help operating your tenant portal or have any questions, do not hesitate to call. We are here to help!

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